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Anton Boljelarskiy

Anton Boljelarskiy

The child: Anton Boljelarskiy - 16.08.2006

Diagnosis: Dysplasia of connective tissue syndrome Ehlers-Danlos is associated with mitochondrial failure. Protein-energy malnutrition II degree. The dysplasia, flat valgus feet, habitual subluxation of all the joints. Vegetative-vascular dystonia of mixed type, cerebrospinal hypertension. Epilepsy. Prolapse of the mitral valve of the heart. The Dysbiosis stage III. Pancreatitis. Ketoacidosis etc.

This cheerful and smiling young boy…meet – this is Anton!

In the first hours after the birth the body temperature rose to 39 °C. On the second day it was an epileptic seizure! He was discharged from the hospital to home and after a week the baby lost sleep... The baby yelled a lot and mom couldn't do anything to calm him down.

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Денис Посунько


Спасибо за помощь, основное лечение окончено!!! Просьбы о помощи закрыты!

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