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Notice for parents

When parents ask for help from charities or volunteers, they should remember the following rules.

Your appeal must be justified.

To get an assistance from the foundation "Children of Nikopol" you have to:

1. To provide:

- A complete package of documents confirming the need for assistance (medical report with a recommendation of treatment, surgery or rehabilitation),

- A statement setting out the specific request for assistance,

- Copies of: passport of one parent, IN, birth certificate, photo of the child,

- Contacts: address, telephone number, card account number in a bank.

This list is supplied in both paper and electronic form.

2. After receiving the grant charity to the card account parents must provide a full account of the employed means (short expense report with the application of fiscal receipts) within 10 days after the operation, acquisition of drugs or holding of rehabilitation.

If proof of use of funds are not provided in time, the Foundation will remove the ask for help and won't provide it in future.

If for any reason the operation or treatment is delayed, parents have to inform the Foundation about it in writing.

3. Parents are obliged to look after the money of the Foundation.

For the public access parents should provide only A PHONE NUMBER THAT IS NOT TIED TO CREDIT CARD (e. g., card is framed for mom and dad's phone number is provided, or vice versa). Parents should block any operations with a card unauthorized by them (withdrawals from ATMs, online payments, Internet banking, etc.), except for withdrawals in banks with a passport.

NEVER tell additional personal information to stangers, even bank employees or willing to sacrifice a large amount of additional information, except the card number (typically sixteen digits), full name, INN. In any case not reveal the three-digit code on the back of the card.

Any other additional personal information isn't required to supplement the card. We recommend that you read "How not to fall into the hands of fraudsters who foraged, using the information available on the charity websites."


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