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Even one hryvnia could save someone's life!

This news Margarita Gorbanenko, the head of the Charity Foundation "Children of Nikopol," told reporters at the press-conference, held in the city administration. This nessesity occured not by chance - funds for operations and purchase drugs for children with cancer are sorely lacking. Today in the care of the fund 8 children are in dire need: five - with cancer, and three of them - with severe neurological disorders.

15th of each month announced in Nikopol as a Mercy Day (collection of donations for children in need of treatment).

Foundation "Children of Nikopol" was established June 2, 2011 at the initiative and with the support of Mayor Ruslan Tokar. Its main objective is to help children with cancer and their families. Today there are five children in Foundation. Four children with cancer: Julia Bugaeva, Ivan Timoshenko, Daniil Barabash and Alex Kravchenko, and a child with cerebral palsy Valery Ivanov.

- The first reaction to the diagnosis is shock. You do not know what to do and where to go, you deny any help. It was only later we realize that we need it - people want to help, because everyone can be in your shoes. Thanks to all who care to help, we can continue the treatment - says Alla Tymoshenko, mother of Ivan Timoshenko, a boy with cancer, for whom this summer huge banners and leaflets on buses called to collect money.

Thanks to the sponsors the Foundation can find money to provide necessary assistance to these children. The first to respond was archpriest Vitaly Efremov - the abbot of Church of the Nativity the Virgin. He put a box in the church to raise funds.

- To set it was not a problem, because we know the suffering of children and their parents. In our view, this box is the little bridge that brings people together with those who are seriously ill. Where else but in the church, we should install it? - says Anatoly Ponomarenko, headman of the Curch of the Nativity of the Virgin.

The next were shops: "Press", "Prestige", "Style", "Step", "Security systems" SPD "Zubrilin", "Svetolyuks", "Ухтышка", "Konkort." Overall, now 10 cash-boxes are installed in our town, but not all of them, unfortunately, attracted the attention of the citizens. Therefore because of the lack of money (only 6169 UAH on the bank account) rganizers initiated the Day of Mercy. 15th day of each month near the supermarket "Varus" from 16.00 to 18.00 a volunteer fund will accept donations for treatment.

- It is necessary to imagine that the average cost of the child with cancer treatment - only one course costs more than 250000 UAH.! I understand that, once going to the store and making a donation to a certain amount, many people settle down, but it should be done every week, every month - just come and put one hryvnia. One hryvnia is nothing for the family, but for someone it could save a life! - says Margarita Gorbanenko.

Of course, such action can not reach out to everyone, so the head of the Foundation makes another appeal:

- Today we want to appeal to businesses and organizations in our city: Help us, please! Initiate the installation of the box for fundraising. We have them and we will come and install it. We only need your consent and one call. Conduct the explanatory work in teams perhaps to make an automatic deduction from the wages of employees, with their consent, of course.

- There are 40,000 working people in our town, and if each of them donated at least 1 UAH, it would be 40,000! One dosen't have to be rich to help another one! - agrees with Margarita Gorbanenko Larissa Duksova, the Mayor deputy.

During the existance of the Foundation a photo exhibition "I will fight!" was held. It was aimed at raising funds for the purchase of blood analyzer. It hasn't been bought yet because all the time money are sent to the purchase of medicines. Thanks to fundraising cash-boxes organization this year was able to help in the treatment of children with cancer in the amount of 31631 UAH

But the children, suffering from serious illnesses, need not only material assistance, but also the spiritual. Margarita Gorbanenko thanks the NFP leadership for help in organizing pilgrimage tours for these families to Toplovsky Convent (Crimea).

- You can not help all the children at once, but we always can make one small contribution. Today someone has the opportunity to contribute 5 UAH, someone - 100 UAH. This is a small thing everybody can make to help these children be healthy - said Larisa Duksova.

"Little Heroes", children, suffering from cancer, need any help, and it is important for people not remain indifferent to their problems and ask oneself "How can I help them"?

More information can be obtained on tel.: +38 (066) 373-31-14 - Margarita Nikolaevna Gorbanenko, Director of the "Children of Nikopol"; online:; email:

Tatiana Harlan

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