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Do Little But with Great Love

The situation with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in both children and adults, the catastrophic ...

I'll try to start from the beginning. The child has fever, becomes tired more quickly than usual, has pain in the leg, arm, back, and has vomiting. There are no signs of poisoning. What do we do? We begin treatment at home, and only then, after a couple of weeks, we bring the child to a doctor. Precious time has been lost.

And what do doctors do? Do they appoint computer diagnostics immediately? And we ourselves also give up X-rays. But in the treatment of cancer time is the most important thing. Than earlier we have diagnosis, the more successful the treatment is. But the probability of cancer is often ignored. It leads to the fact that children get right diagnosis too late.

And when people face the disaster, the first week their hair stands on end.

Severe psychological shock (the name of the disease itself is a shock), loss of familiar social environment (work, school, family), relocation (during at least a year we ought to live in the hospital), the physical pain, fear, lack of money for treatment.

For many parents first of all money become an insurmountable obstacle to the recovery of their child. Providing with chemotherapy drugs, supporting medicines is very poor. They are so expensive to provide those in need, and our state cannot and does not want to do this. The ugly disorganized mechanism...

Some medicines are imported from Russia, some of them - from Italy and Germany. All the time volunteers pass them by trains, autolux (almost secretly) in order to begin chemotherapy block. The gap between blocks of chemotherapy is from 21 to 28 days and if not start the next one in time, the entire result of previous treatment is reduced to zero. This chaos involves parents, volunteers, doctors. Rather than to be with a child, mother is running around the drug stores and laboratories. Abroad, when a child comes to treatment, a manager is assigned to him. Manager knows about all testes for this child, knows their results, and cares about drugs, blood (in our country parents are looking for donors). But even in our country the whole situation it is not so terrible. There is a volunteer group in each oncology department, and this group provides support to those who need it. There are web sites: in Russia it's "Advita", in Ukraine it's "Donor". They pass the information to the millions of people throughout the world, and most importantly, the world is not without good people. This trite phrase means that in difficult situations we are able to display our best qualities - compassion, attention, and love.

Doctor. This person becomes your hope, disappointment, joy and pain. It's the person to whom we go with the question: "Doctor, what's next?". Today, for the first time I want to tell you about our doctor. When we had got to the hospital, we were shocked. Instead of a gray-haired professor we saw a young man, Alexander Romanenko. He was 29 years old, but that does not stop him take fatherly care of all the kids, skillfully do surgeries, not leave the hospital for days. We have learned to read the results of surveys from his eyes. And when our situation became bad, he quickly left the lab, looking down, as if it was his fault. And he had to tell us, with the great difficulty, the worst thing, "There is no chance, but we will do all that is necessary." All the doctors of Dnepropetrovsk Regional Children Hospital are like this.

If they are able to do surgeries and treat in those conditions, they definitely may have better result with modern equipment, drugs, laboratory, and diagnostics.

After a couple of weeks in the hospital with a child, you realize that now it is your home. You need to cook (after all, not everyone has relatives in town), to wash, to escape from the cold and the heat (it's the worst). And it may continue at least for a year, or even more. But the most amazing thing is that, all of a sudden, the same parents of ill children help each other, they are capable even of self-sacrifice. This is a wonderful relationship, which have been forgotten in a prosperous life. Without any hesitation they may give big sums of money to those, for whom such a support is vital. If a child doesn’t have parents, the others will definitely take care about him, as about their own.

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