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Conditions for help of the charity foundation "Children of Nikopol"

Charity care is provided to all who asked for help and provided to the relevant documents.

For assistance (within the limits of funds of the Foundation) must be:

1) apply in writing to Director of the Foundation and in the free form describe the problem and course of treatment of the child and substantiate your request,

2) the child's birth certificate (copy),

3) the extracts from the history (referral to treatment, rehabilitation, referral for diagnosis, surgery),

4) the certificate of disability, the benefits (if any),

5) information on the family composition,

6) the certificate of parents employment,

7) CT, MRI, photos, preferably in electronic form (if any), to be able to consult experts,

8) your bank account to assist,

9) the documents of guardianship or adoption (if any),

Foundation Board will consider a request for help at the meeting: takes into consideration the financial situation and living conditions of the family; determine the approximate cost of the treatment and decide the amount of the aid. In addition, the placement of a request for help to the foundation "Children of Nikopol" and (for children with cancer) to site "Donors" increases the possibility of financial assistance for the treatment of children.

In turn, the parents will agree to use the aid properly, collect and on-demand furnish evidences of use: checks for drugs, tickets, accounts for rehabilitation treatment, surgery, diagnostic, health or hygiene products and more.

The Foundation has the right to refuse assistance if:

- sum of the help is deliberately overstated,

- parents do not want to report on the funds spent,

- if aid is used for other purposes,

- if the need for this type of treatment (surgery, rehabilitation etc.) is not justified by the attending physician,

- in cases where parents are not doing everything possible to treat their child (both parents aren't trying to find a job, don't save money of benefactors, indulging in bad habits).

Remember that mutual understanding and cooperation depend on honest and decent behavior of the two sides. For our part we guarantee honesty and integrity.

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